Thursday, 17 May 2018

Protecting my energy - The negative funk

Protecting my energy

I am constantly talking about ENERGY, not the type of energy that first comes to your mind but the energy within ourselves. The best way to describe it is the 'vibes' that we give off to others and vice versa. I truly believe that we all possess this energy whether it be positive or negative. A lot of times, we match the energy that others give off. For example, you unexpectedly meet someone you really admire for the first time with so much excitement, joy and positive 'energy', and the moment you catch their attention they don't seem as excited, a bit rude, uninterested, stand-off-ish and give off a negative vibe. You gather from their reaction that they want to be left alone and are not as happy to see you. Most individuals energy would shift at this point. You were initially excited and now you're thinking 'why did I even decide to bother this person'.In other words, your energy shifted. You are no longer possessing this positive vibe initially had. In my opinion we match the energy that people give off to us, therefore if I meet you for the first time with nothing but good energy, you are more likely to match this energy. I am aware that this does not apply to every situation but my point is, how you behave, the energy that you give to others can often determine the energy of whoever you encounter.

I hope whoever is reading this is making sense of everything i've just mentioned but the point of this post is to express how lately I have been this negative energy and I simply don't like it because to me it is a really ugly trait. The cliche quote "A negative mind will never give you a positive life" is what has been ringing in my mind lately. However, if you're in this 'negative funk' as I like to call it, perhaps take a moment and reflect! For me I have realised that I need to take myself out of this space by taking myself out the situation thats causing me to have this negative energy. 

It feels good to release whats been on my mind and so keep to this positive vibe alive below is another OOTD. I document my day on Insta-stories whenever i'm going out for brunch. Usually when I shoot for my blog too and has now become sort of a tradition now lol. 

  -   Outfit Details 

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- High waisted mom jeans - Purchase here

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Lizzie x


  1. Love this casual chic look! I adore the bag as well. My favorite color of blue. Hope more positive vibes are coming your way.

  2. I love how you styled your look, very chic! I'm a denim lover too, such a versatile item.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  3. I totally get what you meant to say here Lizzie, I am a vibes person too! I run away in south whenever I don't get the right vibes from anyone! I know this vibes thing is tricky to explain, but I understood your point! Many times, in fact recently I too am going through this negative funk and I am trying whatever helps me getting back to the positive vibes! Love your OOTD btw, it's a great way to get some positive attitude back!
    Wishing you an amazing weekend! :)
    Ankita | Real Girl Talks

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy you understood the point of this post! It makes so much sense to me but I was worried I was confusing the heck out of everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read and understand. Sending positive energy your way x

  4. Great post!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase

  5. I totally get what you are saying babe! I tend to drift quite a lot into the negative state of mind usually over things I can’t even control in my life! I need to work on staying more positive!

    You look fabulous! 💞⭐️💖

    1. So glad you understood this post. I was so nervous no one would have a clue on what I was talking about lol

  6. Such a great post, I totally get what you mean about energy and relate! Also, look gorgeous, love the neutrals xx

  7. That is so insightful. You are doing great girl. Keep at it and this phase too will pass! xoxo


  8. You look so chic girly and I love how aware you are about your energy and how it can shift. It's so important to protect it and not let others affect it!

    xox Kirsten //

    1. Absolutely! Theres nothing more important to me than protecting my energy x

  9. Love the color combo of this outfit and your blazer is so sleek. Have a lovely day! xx


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