Thursday 15 June 2017

Duck & Waffle Review

Duck & Waffle

I thought I would do a quick review of the fabulous Duck & Waffle! I have only been once and this was awhile back but I know someone out there will benefit from this post because i'm sure i'm not the only one who googles food from restaurants before I go so that I can get an idea of what I am getting myself into. Picky eater problems! 
The atmosphere 
Duck and waffle is what I consider to be 'bougie' (Anything that is perceived as upscale & luxury) particularly because it is on the 40th floor with floor-to-ceiling windows. It is absolutely beautiful and you literally feel on top of the world or at least London! We went in the afternoon but i'm sure at night it would have been just as beautiful with the London lights. We arrived on time but had to wait in the bar for 15-20 minutes which didn't bother me as I was busy taking pictures of the amazing view. Once our table was ready, the waitress offered to take our jackets and handed us the menu. The staff were lovely and very attentive.

House Bread, Spiced Butter & Sea salt
Price: £6
Food Experience
Duck & Waffle offers British inspired cuisine with European influences and because we went in the afternoon ( between 1pm -2pm) we could choose from the All day menu. The menu was very intimidating to me because everything sounded complicated and nothing that I would typically go for so the safe option for me was to try the classic duck & waffle because I love both duck and waffles but have never tried them in combination with each other. To keep it short and sweet, I loved it! The duck leg was served on top of half a waffle and a duck fried egg. They typically fry the eggs 'sunny side up' but  I requested to have an over hard fried egg because as I do not like the yolk to be runny. It was also served with mustard maple syrup which was super sweet so I made sure not to pour too much. The portion size looks pretty small but I can tell you that it is very filling to the point that I had no room for dessert.
Crispy Leg confit
Fried Duck Egg
Mustard Maple Syrup
Price: £17
I assumed that a restaurant like this would be very expensive not just because of the amazing food but because of the atmosphere, amazing views and the general 'prestigious' vibes the restaurant gives off. However, I think the general price of the menu was pretty good. We all spent under £25 each (baring in mind that none of us had desert). I have definitely spent more in other restaurants so I was surprised to say the least that I didn't break the bank. Unfortunately, the restaurant does have a dress code which is 'casual elegance'. Trainers, ripped jeans, especially baseball caps are not allowed ( Daytime dress code) as well as open toe sandals ( Evening dress code) so I would just be mindful of what you decide to wear but I couldnt imagine anyone walking into this particular restaurant in joggers and trainers because you would definitely feel out of place.


  • Great prices
  • Lovely atmosphere, great views and attentive staff
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Perfect for a birthday evening or special occasion ( Private dining room which holds up to 9-250 guests)
  • Good Food


  • Portion sizes were small (although it was filling for me personally)
  • The description of food on the menu look complicated ( to me at least). Therefore I would suggest, looking at the menu beforehand to familiarise yourself with what you may potentially order. 
  • As it is central London (Liverpool street) I would suggest booking beforehand because I can imagine the restaurant to get quite full especially in the evening. 
  • Dress code
  • Camera policy. No large camera's, changeable lenses or video equipment. (My friends and I didn't know this policy at the time so we did have our DSLR cameras and no one said anything)                                                       
Overall I give Duck & waffle a 7/10. I couldn't get over the amazing views and the fact that we were on the 40th floor so even if the food was below standard, the atmosphere alone is an experience in itself. Luckily, the food was pretty good too and if you're having trouble deciding on what to order, I would suggest go for the classic duck & waffle.You can't really go wrong!
Have you been to duck & waffle ? If so, what are your thoughts! Did you love it it ? Did you hate it? 
Comment below!
The amazing view!

I happen to be Vlog on this day. Check it out below!
Stay Blessed, Be blessed
Lizzie x



  1. Such a helpful and descriptive post! Especially as I really want to try this place and was scared about the portion not being enough and the price seems reasonable. Thank you for the review and definitely will be going! Xx

    1. Thank you so much! I'm sure you wont be disappointed x


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