Monday 4 September 2017

Motivated by the fear of being average

Motivated by the fear being of average
Hello kings & queens, todays discussion has been a topic on my mind for the longest time and i'm certain for at least one of you reading this, it may also be on your mind too. When people dictate what I should be doing as a career after university, I can't help but think that they are being practical with reality. We all know that the job market is very competitive, with a lot of people not even working in the field that is related to their degree because there is just so much competition. That being said, this causes many of us including myself to somewhat settle for things such as a career choice because it seems smart to play it safe than to take a risk. For me, this means we are being steered in the direction of being 'average'. Anything that is not geared towards being the best possible version of yourself is you settling for average.
The title of this post represents the stage I currently in. A lot of people will say that they don't have regrets and that everything in life is a lesson which is true to some extent but if you know for fact that you can change the state you are currently in, why wait for it to become a a regret or a 'what if', why not now. What is stopping us and what can we do to make that change so that everything aspect of our lives are geared towards being the best version of ourselves so that we are indeed better than average.

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The following are tips to being a better version of yourself and raise yourself above the ordinary. 
  1. Be afraid of being uncomfortable. The moment you are comfortable with any situation, there is little room for growth. The best results, opportunities and personal growth & development comes from taking risks and fear of the unknown. The individual motivated by being more than average will find the gift of 'so what?' The saying 'It is better to try than to not have tried it all' pretty much sums up this notion. Do what you never thought you could do, keep trying but most importantly challenge yourself. 
  2. Risk is another tip which is very similar to the point above. The moment you talk yourself out of doing something you instantly settle into being average. Do what scares you the most and disregard the opinion of those who tell you 'its too risky'. Yes it will be risky, but won't it be so much more satisfying once you concur what they told you was once impossible.
  3. Feed your passion. I think many of us are dreamers but why not make your dream your reality. This is of course easier said than done but the main point is that you should have an objective and work on that objective everyday until you have achieved it. 
  4. Challenge yourself everyday. The idea about being motivated by the fear of being average correlates with the idea that every aspect of your life should be you challenging yourself no matter how small or big the challenge is. Aim to try something new as average doesn't like change. 
  5. Lastly, remember the feeling of being average. For me that feeling is lack of growth and being stagnant. To get out of this feeling, I must do all of the above because once all of those are achieved I have done everything I could possible so to be more than average.

The message I am trying to convey is that to be above average, doesn't mean to better than everyone else. It is just the idea that you will challenge yourself, try new things and take risks to better yourself and to get to where you want to be in life. 

No matter how big the goal or achievement is, the fact that you attempting to work towards it regardless of  the risk, the fear and self doubt, highlights the title of this post. You are being motivated by the fear of being average. 

Tell me in the comments what steps you will take to be the best possible you! Are you afraid of being average ? Lets have a discussion. 

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