Saturday 30 June 2018

Taking a break from all the noise

"Taking a break from all the noise"

I have been pretty MIA lately and its simply because I felt so overwhelmed with everything going on around me so the best way to cope was to just shut down on social media and go back to a place where I felt inspired but most importantly motivated. I am slowly getting out of that 'funk' and feeling more like myself but I am not afraid to admit that I have those moments. Social media in general is often misleading with many of us including myself constantly comparing ourselves to others all while trying to produce the best content and feeling the need to 'compete' with others. Its all about views, ads, promotions, influencer marketing and so much more and although it sucks, thats just the way social media functions which is why it is imperative to take the time and step away from all the 'noise'. 

One thing I want you to take from this post is that most of what you see is not real life. We don't showcase our struggles and what we are going through in our day to day life. I can be honest and say that I too don't share half of my struggles in life because its embarrassing and not the positive energy I want to put out there. I hope to be more transparent but that takes time and healing first. Whats your take on social media ? Have you ever needed to take the time out to get ride of the 'noise' ?

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