Thursday 15 June 2017

'Abandoning Fear'

'Abandoning Fear'

Coat: Asos
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Hello Kings and Queens! Before I get into what this post is about I have to address this semi new approach of referring to my follower’s/internet friends as ‘Kings’ and ‘Queens’. It is simply because I feel like we all are kings and queens in our own right, although most of us including myself forget. For me personally, we all sometimes fail to realise that we have self worth and are beautiful, creative and valuable beings. The moment a guy or girl refers to you as there king or queen, you automatically feel special, appreciated but most importantly valued for the wonderful being we all truly are. So Kings and Queens, welcome to my blog and my new journey.

I don’t want to put this blog in a box and stick to one thing. I want it to be about beauty, fashion, food, travel, life lessons etc. 
I am embarking on this new venture and I wanted my first post to be about my journey towards abandoning fear because this is what had stopped me  from starting this blog.
Fear to me is the Devil. Its that voice in my head telling me not to take the risk, telling me its impossible. I would love to be that individual who is not afraid to follow their dreams and just simply does whatever makes them happy but the truth is fear has stopped me. I ask myself all the time, ‘what are you so afraid of’. 

I guess I would consider myself to be very practical and generally doing whatever’s safe but as I write this post, this will mark DAY 1 of abandoning fear. I know it will be a difficult journey because just buying a blog theme filled me with fear. Thoughts of why anyone would read my blog ‘because there are so many successful bloggers out there’ came rushing through my mind because for some strange reason ‘everything that I have ever wanted just never happens or goes wrong’ I say to myself. I go back and fourth with my mind and it feels like a never ending battle between fear and my wants and desires.

I don’t know how many people will read this or if anyone will read this, but I want this journey to not just be about me but about you too whether you blog yourself or you’re just a reader. There is something out there, right now that is stopping you from pursuing a dream, applying for that job that you’ve convinced yourself you wont get etc. I am telling you as well as myself to do whatever makes you happy and abandon fear. You cannot change time, everyday we are growing older and older and time is ticking. There will be a point when you can’t do what you wanted to do for whatever reason because you wasted TIME. There will be of course failure but it is better to fail at trying than to not have tried at all. With starting this blog, whether it becomes a success or not, I can look back and tell myself at least I tried. I made the attempt to do something that I love regardless of the results. 

I would love this blog as well as my YouTube channel ( Check it out) and anything else I embark on to be successful. Success is important to me and a lot of people which is why it took me long to start a YouTube channel and now this blog because I was afraid that I wouldn’t succeed at either of them. I often focus too much on numbers and views which make me feel like a failure but when I put everything into prospective, I have truly succeeded. I started off with 0 subscribers and now have over 10k and although I get those moments where I feel like 10,000 plus isn’t a lot compared to other youtuber’s, I  remember that I am on my own journey and so are you and even the most successful people had to abandon fear and take risks to be where they are. A journey is full of ups and downs and nothing in life is ever smooth sailing but at least trying and making an attempt is a start. Everyone starts somewhere and so lets stops comparing ourselves and focus on our own journey to greatness because how can you truly be great and succeed when you’ re busy comparing and looking at the journey of others. Its all in your mind, its all in my mind. I can do anything and the only person stopping me is me. We all have complete autonomy over our lives and over our happiness. It is what we choose to do with our lives that will reflect whether we truly have abandoned fear or just living in a comfort zone in fear of failing.

So to you reading this, I am a true believer of speaking of your dreams, passions and aspirations into existence because they will truly manifest itself. Comment below what fear has stopped you from achieving. Whether its fear of failing, fear not succeeding your passion, fear of what others think, fear of disappointing family and not living up to expectations. Its hard to admit your fears but once you can come to terms with them, abandoning them and living shamelessly as Shameless Maya would say is the way forward.

Stay blessed Be Blessed,

Lizzie x


  1. Love this Lizzie! Well done on creating your platform! 🙌🏾


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