Saturday 21 April 2018

Out of your comfort zone

Out of your comfort zone 

To be in your comfort zone, is to do what's 'normal to you' without ever testing boundaries. Its huge topic that can be applied to many aspects of your life but I wanted to focus on fashion, and how we discover our sense of style and then refuse to test or change what we are comfortable with. I too have fallen victim of not wanting to change, try out or test my style because I had the mentality of 'if its aint broke why fix it'. However, i'm learning everyday that change is good, because without change there is little room for growth. In today's outfit of the day, I challenged my style and I loved it. I NEVER wear anything wide-legged because I have really slim legs and was under the impression that I couldn't pull it off. My comfort zone consisted of tailored trousers, a line skirts and dresses. Anything wide-legged was a no go zone! I must say when I saw this jumpsuit (although on the website its considered dunagares I didn't think twice about it. I loved it so much and for a split second those worries of how I thought I couldn't pull it off were non existent. Although I am talking about comfort zones in terms of fashion which to some may seem insignificant, trivial and unimportant, it has put things into perspective. I can challenge myself in every aspect which includes fashion. 

Outfit Details  - 


Turtle Neck 

Mini Tote Bag 



ASOS Through Earrings 

Tweed Coat

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