Sunday 23 July 2017

'I own too much black'

'I own too much black'

Hello Kings & Queens, today is another fashion post & course a bit of words of wisdom. I clearly can't help myself! I thought this title was perfect because I definitely own a lot of black clothing simply because its easy to style, goes with everything and you really can't go wrong with it. I somehow tie this into the idea regarding fear of the unknown. For example, I wear a lot of black clothing because its safe and its nothing out of the ordinary, therefore if I had to choose between a bright pink blazer or a black blazer, it is more than likely I will choose the black one. The same thing goes with opportunities and taking risks in life. We often times play it safe because of the fear of doing something out of the ordinary which we feel will result in failure. So we go about our daily lives doing things we are comfortable with because we know we can't fail if we are doing what we already are familiar with. I have come to the realisation that playing it safe just won't cut it, particularly if you aspire to be something great. Something as simple as applying for a job that I feel is amazing but above me will result in so much anxiety because it is the fear of not knowing how I will do the job. The fear of being taken out of my comfort zone and deemed as incompetent. Feeling uncomfortable, nervous, anxious and fearful is a sign that I/We are attempting to elevate ourselves. Nothing good comes from being comfortable. I challenge you to face what your fear, and you will see how much you will grow mentally and emotionally. Strive to be uncomfortable as that is a a sign of growth!

Now onto fashion! Although I am wearing black, these culottes are very different to anything I would wear but I absolutely love it. Although its monochrome, I adore the print as it gives the the outfit a certain edge. I purchased them from river island on sale reduced from £35 to £15. STEAL! Unfortunately they are out of stock but they have plenty other culottes which are just as stylish as these ones. They are perfect for spring/summer because they a very lightweight which allows air to pass through easily so you don't feel hot and overheated. 

The rest of my outfit is pretty basic because I didn't want to have too much going on since the culottes are very 'loud'. I am wearing a bodysuit from new look. Its really nothing special but its a great staple piece to have because you can wear bodysuits with absolutely anything. I purchased it from New Look for £9.99. The blazer is from Charlotte Russe. Unfortunately this brand is only sold in the US but I am pretty sure you can purchase something similar from any other high street store. The strappy sandals are from Bershka. The best part is that they were only £19.99 and are still available on the Bershka website. I particularly love the detailing on the heel with the silver strip at the bottom because it separates it from classic scrappy heels that is sold everywhere. 

Last but not least are my accessories. The hat is from H&M which I purchased awhile back but again you can find something similar from other high street stores. The necklaces are from urban outfitters. UO offers great quality jewellery that doesn't change colour after a few wears which is why 99% of my jewellery is from them. I particularly love gold jewellery over silver because I think it suites me better. If you saw my previous post 'Pay close attention to those not clapping' I wore this same bag. Its always my go-to bag when wearing a lot of black & white because it brings colour to the outfit. It was purchased from Zara but unfortunately I don't think they sell it anymore. Zara seems to change their stock often so if you see a bag you love, I say grab it while it lasts. My Steve madden sunglasses are from TK Maxx. I love how they sell designer brands at such affordable prices. So if you're like me and you love sunglasses but don't want to spend a tone of money on them, I would highly recommend TK Maxx. Go online rather than in store because they have better variety of designer sunglasses. 
I have to quickly mention the amazing bakery I went to whilst taking these pictures. Peggy Porschen is an amazing boutique bakery located on Eburt Street. I am not a huge fan of cakes but I have to say these were the best cupcakes I have ever come across. Often times, I personally feel like cupcakes and cakes can be extremely dry but these were very moist with the right amount of sweet. I ordered the Red Velvet whilst my friend Micah (check her out) ordered the Eton Mess cupcake. I honestly wanted two because it tasted so good but I disciplined myself. Along side these gorgeous cupcakes, we both ordered the Summer berry Ice tea which was not the nicest. It was watered down, probably due to too much ice but it literally tasted like water with a hint of berry flavour. Definitely was not worth the price or any price, because it literally tasted next to nothing.

Stay blessed, Be Blessed
Lizzie x



  1. Yes! I love the message this post portrays. It's the "I want to be uncomfortable with being comfortable" topic we were discussing not long ago. You know what you've said that's always stuck with me? You once said "I don't want to be average" and that hit me in the feels because you're right. Also this outfit is so bomb, my fave outfit that you've worn!

    AND BISH, i swear you always find the best online sales/deals! xx

  2. This is such a relatable post Lizzie and your outfit is so elegant!

    Keep shining and striving to be the best, you've got this!


  3. Black and white are such a go-to colours for me because they are easy to style and to wear. I love the trousers in these photos - the pattern is super nice

  4. Your look with the wonderful culottes is very cool!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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